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Dr Luis Serra President, Adas3D Medical

Luis brings to Galgo Medical over 20 years of experience in the development of medical applications, specifically using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies and applying them to neurosurgery and recently to arrhythmia treatment. He was a key person in the development of the Dextroscope and its commercialization. At Galgo he leads the Image-Guided Planning & Interventional Imaging Unit, which develops medical imaging solutions for interventional and surgical planning.

Luis Serra co-founded Volume Interactions Pte Ltd (VI) in 2000, a spin-off company from Kent Ridge Digital Labs in Singapore. VI commercialized the VR Dextroscope technology applying it to neurosurgery and radiology creating products for pre-operative planning and image-guided surgery. Luis served as Chief Technology Officer and was responsible for the company’s strategy, relationship with hospitals and industry and for its Intellectual Property portfolio, managing its 40 patent family portfolio (Luis was co-inventor in 18 of these patents). The company was acquired by the Bracco Group in 2002, and had operations in Europe, China and the USA, employing 60 people.

Luis returned to Barcelona in 2010 to join the CISTIB group at the UPF as Chief Technology Officer. At the UPF he led the software engineering team to develop arrhythmia planning tools in collaboration with the Arrhythmia Department of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Luis Serra has a PhD / MSc in Electrical Engineering (1987) from the University of Bradford (UK) and a degree in Telecommunications Engineering (1982) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain.

Jacobo Gil de Biedma Business Development Director

Jacobo has founded several Medical IT companies and brings more than 25 years in marketing and sales experience with a wide knowledge of the Medical Imaging market worldwide. As founder and CEO of ALMA IT Systems (Barcelona, Spain), an enterprise devoted to the development and sales of medical imaging software products, he managed to sale in 5 years more than 3.500 licenses worldwide, signing agreements with the leading international market players.

Francia Rojas Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Francia holds a degree in sciences from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) and two Msc from the Royal Holloway University of London: one in Neurosciences and the other one in scientific departments of the pharmaceutical industry.

Francia provides multiple experience in QA/RA working as a consultant in Tecno-med ingenieros and transplant Biomedicals and also, she has some experience in pharmacovigilance positions in various companies such as Isdin S.L and Merck sharp and Dohme. Futhermore, she has experience in maintain up-to date and follow all company quality assurance system ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements as per Quality Standars EN ISO 13485:2016, medical Device Directive 93/42/ EEC, new regulations (EU) 2017/745 requirements and FDA - 21 CFR.

Rosa M. Figueras i Ventura Senior Scientist & Product Specialist

Rosa M. has both the clinical experience and the scientific and engineering background to understand and be able to communicate in both the medical world and the engineering world. Rosa M. has worked for over two years at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, developing new processing tools to better analyze and understand data from electrophysiology procedures, and operating electrophysiology systems to aid doctors while performing electrophysiology procedures. Prior to her clinical experience, she worked at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, on the area of cardiac imaging research, where she coordinated a workpackage for an European project. She had also worked as post-doctoral researcher at New York University, developing mathematical tools for image processing and analysis.

Rosa M. has a Ph.D. from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland) and a MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain).

Anna Vallès Product Specialist

Anna holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). She has worked in different in vitro diagnostics companies having experience in training and providing technical and scientific support to customers. She has joined the company recently as a product specialist.

Barbara Rubio Product Specialist

Barbara has a clinical and engineering background, she has a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain). Her professional experience can be summarized in three years at Abbott as a technical specialist giving support and aid to doctors while performing electrophysiology procedures. After that, she worked at Siemens Healthiness over one year as a technician and clinical specialist application giving support and training to the robotics radiology equipment for interventional, hemodynamic, neurology or cardiology teams.

Antoni Riu Managing Director

Toni brings to Galgo Medical over 15 years of experience in organization and business development, public-private fundraising and project management.

Toni has been actively involved in the set-up of new initiatives, such as the IN3 of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) becoming its first managing director, and contributing to the organizational and business development of companies, such as GEC SL and PAU Education SL where he held the positions as Business Development Director and Director of Strategy, respectively. Most of the professional assignments required the conceptualization and deployment of public-private partnerships and to strategize and achieve its financial consolidation. Toni has been instrumental in raising more than €30m in funds from private and public sources, particularly from the European Commission.

He worked at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) for four years as Manager of the biomedical imaging and simulation technologies research group.

Xavi Planes Chief Technology Officer

Xavi brings to Galgo Medical over 12 years of experience in software engineering, medical imaging and computer vision. During the last years, Xavi was the leader of the software development for medical imaging of the GIMIAS framework at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), where he worked for 6 years. He brings this experience to Galgo Medical to apply it to industrial and medical applications.

Xavi Planes was the architect of GIMIAS framework, a software platform for fast development of clinical prototypes that has been adopted by several EU (FP6 and FP7) and Spanish projects. Xavi has extensive expertise on software analysis and design, C++ language development, technical user support and project management. He has a degree in Computer Engineering (2001) from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.

The GIMIAS Development Team he led originated within the UPF group and specialized in software development to solve biomedical research problems and bring them to the market. The 10-member team applied GIMIAS to the needs of clinical departments and the medical industry to produce applications in the medical domains of cardiology, angiology, orthopedics and neurology. The group participated in numerous European and Spanish public projects.

Martin Steghöfer Senior Software Engineer

Martin has been working as a scientific software developer at the UPF for the last five years. He brings to Galgo Medical his experience on high-performance computing, numerical algorithms and software development.

Martin holds a degree in computer science from the University of Passau, Germany. In the UPF Martin has been working on the technical groundwork for the research on cardiac modelling and simulation. His contribution mainly relates to electrophysiological and mechanical simulations using finite element methods and their implementation for high-performance machines with distributed memory architecture. He has also participated in the development of the GIMIAS platform. Martin was involved in several publicly funded national and european projects, including euHeart, VPH-Share, CDTEAM and RICORDO.

Ramón Trueba Senior Software Engineer

Ramón brings to ADAS3D over 20 years of experience in software engineering, medical imaging and virtual reality.

Ramón has developed all his career focussed in the development of computer graphics applications. He was involved in a research group at the UPC researching and developing highly complex model visualization and interaction applications for desktop and virtual reality environments. He has also been working for over 10 years in the private sector developing medical imaging applications for radiology, surgical planning and 3D printing. During his career he has participated in several European and Spanish public projects.

Ramón holds a degree in Computer Engineering (2003) and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (2009) in Computer Graphics from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain).

Samuel Mañá Software Engineer

Samuel has a degree in mathematics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Currently, he has five years of work experience as a C ++ programmer, but ADAS3D Medical is his first company related to the medical sector.

Samuel brings his knowledge of mathematics to ADAS3D for the analysis and development of image processing algorithms.

Frederic Pérez Senior Scientist

Frederic has been working most of his career as a Research and Development Scientist, Medical Imaging researcher, and as a Software Architect. He has participated in a myriad of Catalan, Spanish and European projects, collaborating with many partners and hospitals. These projects focus on different areas, including gastroenterology, endoscopy, 3D scanning, cardiology, 3D printing, and surgical planning for cochlear implantation, among others. Addict to C++ and a Clean Code advocate, Frederic brings to ADAS3D his skills, and the eagerness to learn and to share while contributing the most to the team and to the company.

Frederic holds a degree in Computer Engineering (1992) and a Ph.D. (2003) in Software (Computer Graphics) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain).

Roberto Teijeiro Senior Software Engineer

Roberto brings to ADAS3D broad experience in software development. He has been working since 2005 as a software engineer developing medical imaging software. Involved as team member at Alma IT Systems for 15 years where he developed general purpose radiological viewers as well as specific modules and features for several radiology specialties (cardiology, mammography, dermatology, odontology).

He also led several projects to provide radiological solutions on SERGAS-CIMED, SERGAS-CADPUL, ERODE (Radiological validation of osteoarthritis medication), RAPID (Photographic validation of psoriasis medication).

Roberto has a degree in Computer Engineering (2005) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya specialized in computer graphics.

Additionally ...

The team has broad experience in industry contracts as well as RDT-public funded programs having been involved in the following EU-projects:

In the context of Spanish public RTD funding, the team has been involved in the Spanish CDTI funded projects cvREMOD and previously CDTEAM, among other national and regional for R&D&I. The team has also significant international research experience, in particular in Singapore and Asia.

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