Revealing fibrotic substrate in the atria

ADAS 3D LA enables better visualize the fibrotic substrate in the LA for pre and peri-procedural clinical decision making. It is intended for the electrophysiologist to visualize the distribution and quantify the amount of enhanced fibrosis in the LA to differentiate the fibrotic substrate and the healthy tissue including identifying gaps in previously created lesions.

What it does

ADAS 3D LA provides tools for defining the shape of the LA from 3D LGE MRI DICOM data. It then automatically computes the IIR value of the atrial wall and quantifies the fibrosis, the atrial volume. It also allows exporting the segmented LA 3D shape and associated fibrosis into formats compatible with EP navigation systems.

The interface

Interface to verify the relationship between the 3D Left Atrium and its corresponding MRI (image Courtesy of Leipzig Heart Center, Interventional CMR Unit, Dept. of Rhythmology, Ingo Paetsch/Prof. G. Hindricks).

Left Atrium Fibrosis Map

Left Atrium with Fibrosis Mapped using the IIR method.

Software Information

ADAS 3D LA is a standalone Windows-processing software solution for cardiac Late Gadolinium-enhanced DICOM images.


  • DICOM Late Gadolinium Enhanced
  • Cardiac MRI data from various sources
  • 2D GRE and 3D NAV GRE
  • Inspection of DICOM attributes
  • Preview DICOM images without loading

3D viewer

  • Three cardiac anatomy views: 3D, 2D and 3D-sync-2D
  • 3D view of the left atrium to inspect the anatomy and identify the fibrotic areas
  • 2D view of the DICOM, simultaneously displaying 3 adjustable orthogonal planes
  • 3D-sync-2D: to understand MRI-to-3D Cardiac model correspondence

Study Storage Database

  • Storage and management of processed studies for later review
  • Search by patient name or ID, or Study name
  • Store multiple studies per patient
  • Exchange ADAS 3D LA studies between users

Tissue characterization

  • 3D Left Atrium Semiautomatic Segmentation
  • Automatic classification of tissue using selectable imaging thresholds
  • Automatic computation of IIR (Image Intensity Ratio)
  • EP-navigation friendly colour mappings to visualize tissue

Computation of parameters

  • Possibility to cut the atrial mesh to exclude areas from quantification or open the mitral orifice.


  • Help guide the procedure by exporting left atrial anatomy to formats compatible with EP navigation systems
  • Generation of snapshots in standard picture formats to keep a record and share the case


Quantify visualize the location of the fibrosis

Identify gaps in previous ablations

Export LA to formats accepted by navigation systems


ADAS 3D is developed in partnership with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain.

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


ADAS 3D LA is being evaluated clinically in collaboration with:

Clinic, Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Lluis Mont, Director of the Arrhythmia Section • Herzzentrum Leipzig, Germany. Prof Gerhard Hindricks, Director of the Department of Electrophysiology • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Prof Francis Marchlinski, Director of Electrophysiology Laboratory. Prof Saman Nazarian. Prof Harold Litt, Chief, Cardiovascular Imaging Section, Radiology • Barts Heart Centre, London, UK. Prof Richard Schilling, Director Cardiovascular CAG • CEDIMED, Medellin, Colombia. Dr Alejandro Zuluaga, Radiology • Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio, Seville, Spain. Dr Juan Acosta,Department of Cardiology • University Hospital Bonn, Germany. Dr. R Andrie • Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol. Dr. Felipe Bisbal Department of Prof Sonia Busch, Leitende Oberärztin für Elektrophysiologie

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