3D interaction

Visualize the inside of the Left Atrium

ADAS 3D LA lets the user easily interact with the 3D reconstruction of the left atrium and intuitively explore tissue characterization. If the MRI has been taken after ablation, it can reveal the ablation gaps.

Interactive 3D view of the LA, with fibrosis (Use your mouse to rotate with the left button and zoom in and out with the right button or the mouse wheel, click on the header to switch between navigation system color coding).


To EP Navigation systems

ADAS 3D LA exports the left atrium with mapped fibrosis information to guide the procedure to formats accepted by EP navigation systems.

Left Atrium displayed with Ensite Precision©. On the left panel, the ADAS 3D MRI shape exported, showing fibrosis. On the right, the EAM mapped on the ADAS 3D MRI shape.


ADAS 3D is developed in partnership with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain.

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


ADAS 3D LA is being evaluated clinically in collaboration with:

Clinic, Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Lluis Mont, Director of the Arrhythmia Section • Herzzentrum Leipzig, Germany. Prof Gerhard Hindricks, Director of the Department of Electrophysiology • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Prof Francis Marchlinski, Director of Electrophysiology Laboratory. Prof Saman Nazarian. Prof Harold Litt, Chief, Cardiovascular Imaging Section, Radiology • Barts Heart Centre, London, UK. Prof Richard Schilling, Director Cardiovascular CAG • CEDIMED, Medellin, Colombia. Dr Alejandro Zuluaga, Radiology • Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio, Seville, Spain. Dr Juan Acosta,Department of Cardiology • University Hospital Bonn, Germany. Dr. R Andrie • Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol. Dr. Felipe Bisbal Department of Prof Sonia Busch, Leitende Oberärztin für Elektrophysiologie

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