Unlock the potential of MRI and CTA for the EP Lab

Unlock the potential of MRI and CTA for the EP Lab

A medical software for the electrophysiologist to extract key information from cardiac MRI & CT images

Plan the EP intervention in a fast and easy way with a rich variety of information obtained from cardiac imaging. While planning, you will learn from your patient data to decide the best treatment strategy.

Planning, intervention guidance or research. All can be done with ADAS 3D.

Decision making before intervention

Understand the fibrosis distribution in the myocardium from MRI and the wall thickness and surrounding anatomical structures from CT.

During the procedure

Use the ADAS 3D model as a roadmap to the catheter navigation system to accurately treat your patient.

Post-procedure revision*

After the intervention, study the electroanatomical map with ADAS 3D and compare it with the MRI information to quantify outcomes. *Not available for clinical use in the USA

Our Products

Discover the modules available for the analysis of the myocardium.


ADAS 3D LV uses MRI to analyze the fibrotic tissue of the left ventricle, visualizing it and calculating anatomical corridors completing the picture with the anatomy from CT.


ADAS 3D LA enables understanding of the fibrotic substrate of the left atrium to help pre and peri-procedural clinical decision making. It is specially useful for re-interventions.


Decide the treatment approach

The information extracted by ADAS 3D helps decide the approach before the intervention.

Guidance during the intervention

Import ADAS 3D model into the navigation system and use it as road-map to complement the electroanatomical mapping.

Take control of the segmentation process to each case

The user has complete autonomy to analyze an unlimited number of patients, learning from each one.

Quantify the fibrosis in the myocardium

With the information in the magnetic resonance, ADAS 3D quantifies and visualizes the fibrosis of the heart.

Visualize the anatomy of the heart

Cardiac computed tomography scans allow ADAS 3D to generate a detailed 3D model of the patient anatomy.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence*

ADAS 3D performs an automated segmentation for specific image sequences. *Coming soon in the next release

Learn from your colleagues by watching real life cases performed with ADAS 3D

Learn from success cases supported by ADAS 3D in the EP lab. Electrophysiologists worldwide trust our software to plan their interventions.

Committed to the future of electrophysiology

ADAS 3D aims to improve the quality of life of patients with arrhythmia.

Synergy between electrophysiologists &

Our product is developed in cooperation with key opinion leaders in electrophysiology. We learn first-hand the challenges present in the catheter lab.

ADAS 3D principles are based on clinical evidence and contribute to it.

Our software is based in scientific data. ADAS 3D is useful for planning the treatment, guiding the intervention and monitoring patient outcomes.

At the forefront of technological advancement

Our team is in constant engagement with electrophysiologists to bring forward new functionalities to improve the field of electrophysiology.

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Let us support you through all the steps of your patient care.

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