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Imaging Software Solutions for the EP Industry

Our story

Adas3D Medical is the recent offspring of the electrophysiology business of Galgo Medical (Barcelona, Spain).

The team developed a solid experience in developing imaging post-processing software solutions. It emerged in 2013 from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain).

A family of products created for electrophysiologists to help them in the identification of the fibrotic substrate and planning the treatment approach.

The increasing availability of high-quality patient data enables ADAS 3D algorithms to extract key clinical information to support clinical decision making, planning and guidance of EP procedures.

Fibrosis Imaging for the EP Lab

Our mission is to improve the prognosis of cardiovascular patients by expanding the accessibility and use of Cardiac Imaging (MRI and CT) to electrophysiology procedures.

Our Team

Antoni Riu

Managing Director

Luis Serra

President, Adas3D Medical

Jacobo Gil de Biedma

Business Development Director

Rosa Maria Figueras i Ventura

Senior Scientist & Product Specialist

Anna Vallès

Product specialist

Barbara Rubio

Product specialist

Francia Rojas

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Paula Granado

Communication and Marketing Manager

Xavi Planes

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Steghöfer

Principal Software Engineer

Ramón Trueba

Senior Software Engineer

Roberto Teijeiro

Senior Software Engineer

Frederic Pérez

Senior Software Engineer

Samuel Mañá

Software Engineer

Irina Sánchez

Machine Learning Specialist

Frederic de los Santos


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If you want to contribute to the improvement of the cardiovascular patients prognosis, we are your team.
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