Whistleblower Channel

The Whistleblowing Channel serves as a communication platform for Adas3D Medical S.L to facilitate the confidential and efficient reporting of any irregularities or potential violations. Reports can be submitted anonymously.

Adas3D Medical S.L provides this channel as an integral component of its internal information system and as a crucial aspect of adhering to the Code of Ethics and internal regulations. This channel actively contributes to our group´s ongoing improvement efforts.

Reports made through the channel should address acts or behaviors, whether current or historical, within the scope of the Code of Ethics, encompassing general regulations and specific Rules of Conduct. It´s important to note that this channel is specifically intended for serious concerns, not for routine or general complaints.

Pick an Alternative

Anonymous E-mail

Report any irregularities or potential violations anonymously, not name or mail required.


Report any irregularities or potential violations, name and mail required.